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Cookie Policy

At Orra, we value transparency and openness regarding how we collect and process data about you. This page is designed to inform you about our practices concerning cookies and provide guidance on managing them.


Already familiar with cookies and looking to adjust your settings? No problem. Visit here to update your website cookie settings, and adjust your privacy preferences in your app's account settings.


Interested in learning more about cookies and their usage? Please note that this Cookie Policy specifically addresses our use of cookies and does not cover how we process your personal information beyond this scope. To learn more about our broader approach to personal information processing, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files that are either sent to or accessed from your web browser or device's memory. They typically contain the domain name (internet location) from which they originated, their "lifetime" (expiry date), and a randomly generated unique identifier. Additionally, cookies may store information about your device, such as user preferences, browsing history, and activities conducted while using our services.


Are there different types of cookies?


First-party and third-party cookies:


First-party cookies are directly placed on your device by us. For instance, we use them to adapt our website to your browser's language preferences and gain insights into your website usage. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are placed by our partners and service providers. You can learn more about these partners and service providers through our website and in-app consent management tools.


Session and persistent cookies:


Session cookies expire when you close your browser, while persistent cookies have a longer lifespan, extending beyond the current browsing session. Persistent cookies may facilitate quicker sign-in processes, serve analytical purposes, and more.


What about other tracking technologies?


In addition to cookies, other technologies like web beacons, tracking URLs, or software development kits (SDKs) are utilized for similar purposes. Web beacons are small graphics files containing unique identifiers, tracking URLs help identify webpage traffic sources, and SDKs function similarly to cookies and web beacons. For simplicity, we refer to these technologies as "cookies" in this Cookie Policy.


What do we use cookies for?


Similar to other online service providers, we use cookies to deliver, secure, and enhance our services. This includes remembering your preferences, recognizing you upon website visits, assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and personalizing ads based on your interests. To achieve these objectives, we may link cookie information with other personal data we hold about you.


Cookie types:


We utilize several types of cookies when you use our services, each serving specific purposes:


- Essential cookies: Essential for providing our services, facilitating logins, remembering preferences, and detecting malicious activities.

- Analytics cookies: Aid in understanding service usage, enabling service customization and improvement.

- Advertising & marketing cookies: Determine marketing campaign effectiveness and personalize ads to your interests.

- Social networking cookies: Enable sharing content on third-party social networking sites and may be used for advertising purposes.


How can you control cookies?


Various cookie management options are available to you, although altering your preferences may impact your service experience. You can manage your cookie settings using tools on our website and adjust app cookie preferences in your account settings.


Additionally, web browsers often offer settings to control or reject cookies, while mobile devices may provide options to reset device identifiers or opt-out of identifier collection. You can consult your browser or device help menu for specific instructions.


Interest-based advertising tools:


Some advertising companies participate in self-regulatory programs allowing users to opt out of personalized ads. Visit Digital Advertising Alliance, Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance, or Appchoices for more information.


Google Cookies:


Google Maps API cookies may be utilized for certain website features and services. By browsing our website or using services relying on Google Maps API cookies, you consent to their storage and usage. Manage Google's data collection and cookie usage preferences separately through their interface.


We also utilize Google Analytics, which collects website usage information. Opt out of Google Analytics data collection and ad personalization via the provided links.


This comprehensive Cookie Policy aims to ensure clarity regarding our cookie practices and empower you to manage your preferences effectively.

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